Greenville Shrine Club & Event Center | 119 Beverly Rd | South Carolina
(864) 271-1104

Panels & Games

Video Game Tournaments
and Contests Hosted by SEGE


10am – Registration Begins
12pm – Injustice 2
3pm – Rocket League
All Day – Thunder Force 3High Score
All Day – Donkey KongHigh Score

• Prizes will be awarded for the winners


11am – Registration Begins
12pm – Sonic the Hedgehog 2
3pm – Dr. Mario
All Day – ContraHigh Score
All Day – Mario Kart 8 DeluxeFastest time

• Prizes will be awarded for the winners



I have an idea for a story, now what?

Do you have an idea that you would love to turn into a short story or a novel? Then this is the panel for you! Join David Weber, Jacob Solo, and HP Solo as they walk through the process of turning an idea into a written story.


I can draw, now what?

Do you love drawing and want to make a career out of it? Then join this discussion to find out what it takes to be a working artist. Gregbo Watson, Tracey Yardley, and Joey Weiser sit down to talk about how to craft a career in comics.


I bought a comic, now what?

Do you have a comic book collection and are wondering how to store and care for it? Come on in as we discuss what to do with that comic book after you’ve bought it. Join comic fans and retailers as we talk about their comic collections. Rumor has it that Richard Morgan is scheduled to appear (if he isn’t busy running a convention at the time).


I like toys, now what?

Do you have an interest in toys and collectables? Duane Ballenger and J Chris Campbell do and they have been pursuing their passion for years on end. Listen in as they regale you with tales of robots, monsters, and Boba Fett… toys. They will share their tips and tricks on buying, collecting, and displaying toys and collectables.