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Charity Auction

Silent Charity Auction

All proceeds will be given to the Greenville Humane Shelter to help them with costs to maintain all the animals in their care.

So far items have been donated from: IDW, AWA Studios, Funko, and Diamond Distribution. More items on the way to be announced once they arrive.

We will have: signed books, signed comics, statues, action figures, games, and more!!!

You will be able to place bids all day Saturday and until roughly 3pm on Sunday. At which time we will make an announcement that final bids will have about 30 minutes and then we will close the auction and start notifying the winners. You do not need to be present to pay or pick up your winnings. If you are not at the show after the auction closes you will be notified via phone or email and may drop by the store to pay for and pick up your item. You must pay and pick up the item by the following Saturday at 7 pm, unless other arrangements are made, or we will notify the next highest bidder.

Good luck! And bid as much as you can so that we can help all of the animals at the shelter have good care until they are fortunate enough to be adopted!

I cannot remember a time when I or my family have not had a pet, whether it be a dog or cat or even an aquatic creature in an aquarium. So when I decided to put on a show, my first thought was to do something for our animal friends. I contacted the Greenville Humane Shelter, as that is where I adopted 2 of my cats, and they were happy to be involved. So please check out the items for the auction and your bid, not only can win you a cool item but you will also be helping an animal that is unable to help themselves. Thanks for your donation and I hope everyone wins something!!

Richard Morgan